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Our Principle and Mission

◇ Our Principle

“Offering outstanding economic value services to investors”
As an investment fund, we purse the provision of outstanding economic value services to our investors.

“Sanpo-Yoshi Spirit Principle (Good in three directions)”
Not only own interest, we will strive to secure proper investment returns by building up investment process so that all affiliated parties, such as shareholders, mangement and employees and the surrounding industrial society can gain the valuable economic benefits.

“Persuit of The Social Significance”
We make socially valuable investments of providing “Job Creation” and “The Hand Down of Technologies and Know-How “ by utilizing corporate revitalizations.

◇ Our Mission

“Sustainable and Developmental Fund Formation and Management”
Beginning with FundⅠ, we aim to obtain high customer trust from our investors as an investment fund and conduct fund formation and management that lead to sustainable development with continuing FundⅠand FundⅡ.

“Development of One-Stop Business Platform in Financial Services”
While focusing on fund management as core business, we aim to expand our business to peripheral business such as “Advisory Business” and “Business Turnaround Consulting” to establish a one-stop business platform that can service financial and business needs of investors and corporations.

Business Outline

Business Outline

We are offering various services to the investors in our funds. For example, we conduct proper evaluations and assessments of the investment candidate companies as to the suitability with our investment strategy, provide consulting services for post investment phase such as arrangement of some management executives hires, and provide reports to the investors (LP). Furthermore, we are offering services such as M&A intermediation financial advisory and financial advice regarding financial structuring on money-raising as well..

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