Message from Chairman and Representative Director

Message from Chairman and Representative Director

Keystone Partners Co., Ltd is a fund management company established in May 2009. Our main business is to manage corporate revitalization fund and NPL investment fund.
We are an investment group closely knit together with a clear purpose to work on revitalization projects with difficult solutions or difficult finding appropriate sponsors under the current financial system. We will also strongly support excellent SMEs with strong growth potential.

As the “Lost Decade” has stretched for another ten years and the sense of stagnation spread throughout Japan, money supply which should have been allocated for growth was not reached corporations, especially SMEs, due to the strengthened regulations by authority and the decline of main bank system.


However, we are certain that the financial imbalances can be rectified through in-depth analysis, risk-taking and risk control capabilities.

Unlike the traditional methods depending on debt cut-off and sale of its divisions, our approach is
to provide the flow of risk money for social significance and work together with banks for mutual harmony and provide a spirit of “Sanpo-Yoshi “ Principle ( which means “Good in three directions).

We will do our best to achieve financial returns by applying our own competencies in financial structuring know-how and business know-how to corporate revitalization projects involving social meaningful purpose such as job creation, the hand down of technologies and know-how through corporate revitalization.

It’s our sincere desire to contribute to the development of Japan’s economy and society. We are looking forward to a continued business relationship.

Shigeo Yoshida
Chairman and Representative Director
Keystone Partners Co., Ltd.

◇The Origin of Company Name

As in “Model Company aiming for contributing to the development of Japan’s economy and society”
after “Keystone” species that has a disproportionately large effect on its ecological system in small numbers. We aim for the role model as investment management company which has a significant positive impact on the development of Japan’s economy and society through investment activities none the less the scale of company size.

Photograph of the management members of Keystone Partners Co., Ltd.
Right: Tomoaki Tsusumi, Representative Director
Left: Satoshi Koyama, Representative Director
Front: Shigeo Yoshida, Chairman and Representative Director

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