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We are looking for specialists in investment business as described below.
■(PositionⅠ) Associate for investment related business.
■(PositionⅡ)Institutional investor coverage
If you are interested in the position, please kindly response to the position summary as below and inquire about the detail of the position by telephone or e-mail.


Position Summary

■PositionⅠ: Associate for Investment Related Business

Duties and Responsibilities This position is working closely together with partners and directors on investment and financing related business for corporate revitalization.
Skills and Experiences Required ・Skill of financial modeling is also plus.
・CPA, Consultant from management consulting firm or who has experience as corporate treasurer in the financial and accounting department with strong interest in investment related business.
・Communication skill within the team
Annual Income Further details will be provided separately.
Work City Tokyo

■PositionⅡ: Institutional Investor Coverage

Duties and Responsibilities

・Investor Relations
(i.e., Attracting investors, Organizing general investors mtg.)
・Establishing new funds and fund raising
(i.e., Private placements, Preparing materials and explanations)

Skills and Experiences Required ・Business English Proficiency
(Excellent business communication skills in English to work with foreign institutional investors)
・Reasonable experiences with investor relations at professional firms including investment banking
Annual Income Further details will be provided separately.
Work City Tokyo
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